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Gill Del Mace

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Fine Art prints from Gill Del-Mace Gill Del-Mace was born in the UK. The magic of the stage show was a part of her childhood, travelling with her father in stunt shows, theatres and movie sets throughout Great Britian and Europe. These formative yeas provided the lifelong inspiration for a unique exploration of the theatrical and dramatic including the notion of fantasy art and exotic women. These painted memories, the characters and visions are executed with loving detail. Characters, surreal and bizarre in their presence, invite you into another world. From the conventional to the theatical and the sensually erotic Gill's beautiful and controlled art demonstrates that she is full in command of the painted subject. Gill's work has been influenced by the twentieth century European art movement referred to as "Magic Realism". A continuation of a career that began in San Francisco in 1975 and has seen her work collected throughtout Australia and internationally.