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Faqs Framing

Is custom framing expensive?
Generally custom framing is not expensive. Remember that custom picture framing is not a mass-produced factory product but a one of hand crafted item designed and built to your order, to suit your needs and decor preferences.

Do you offer LAYBY?

Have you seen something we have that you love but can't afford it right now. Don't want to miss out? That's where our LAYBY service comes in. Purchase today and pay with  easy installments that you can afford.

Do you give discount to artist, photographers or other art trades?
Yes we give discounts to artist and  photographers especially when producing an exhibition or a quantity is involved.

I have broken the glass in my frame. Can you replace the glass?
Yes, we can, this is a common request for us.

What is a giclee?
Giclee is a French word meaning “to spray”. Ink-jet technology specifically for fine art reproduction. Images are generated from high resolution digital scans and printed with archival quality inks onto various substrates including canvas, fine art, and photography paper. The giclee process provides better colour accuracy than other means of reproduction.

What’s the difference between a poster & serigraph?
Poster - An inexpensive reproduction of a piece of art generally containing some form of promotion in the margins (artist's name, gallery etc)

This term is used to describe an impression made on paper from a variety of sources such as a block, plate or film negative. A copy made of an original artwork

Limited Edition print
A reproduction of an original work of art that is signed and sequentially numbered by the artist and is limited to a certain quantity of numbered copies.

A print produced by drawing on a flat, specially prepared, stone or metal surface from which ink impressions are taken.

A method of printing using a prepared stencil attached to silk or polyester fabric through which colour (ink) is forced.

A printing process where an image is scratched into a plate through an acid resistant ground. The plate is dipped into acid, causing the scratched areas to be eaten away. The plate is then inked and pressed into the paper to transfer the image.

A printing process where lines are cut into a plate using a tool. No acid is used in this process. The plate is then inked and pressed into the paper to transfer the image.

What payment methods do you offer?
We accept direct deposit, BPay, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal or cash

   BPay Details
   Fab art Biller code - 104208

Where is the work done?
All work is done at our workshop in Narre Warren by us.

How long is the turn around?
We normally allow two weeks for our custom picture framing. Please let us know if your order is urgent or you need it finished by a specific date.